DnD Character Commissions

Bust $10

Half Body $15 (+ $5/additional character)

Full Body $25 (+ $10/additional character)

Full Body
rence n beon
Full Body + Half Body





(More examples at bottom of page.)




  • All commissions come inked (unless you’d rather they didn’t), and possibly with one/two accent colors as I feel is right. Full color +$5.
  • Background prices vary depending on complexity—feel free to ask!
  • Large familiars (bears, wolves, etc.) count as additional characters. However, small familiars (birds, rats, etc.) are free!

You will receive a digital copy of your commission, as well as a physical copy with free shipping in the US (unless you’d rather not).

All payments via PayPal.

What I will need:

– A clear, detailed description of your character’s physical appearance, as well as any personality/backstory details you have. Bonus points for specific scenes/actions! In order for you to get the best version of your character, I need the clearest idea of who they are. No description is too long!

– About 1 to 2 weeks for completion, depending on the complexity of your commission and my schedule.

Please email dakotacollinswriting@gmail.com with any questions and your commissions! Thank you!

Full Body + Full Color
rowdy 3
Full Body + Ink









rence bust
Bust + Ink
Half Body + Full Color