RARE MYTH OF THE WEEK! (currently on hiatus)

A collection of little-known myths and legends, written in casual short-form and updated every Tuesday. Find it on WordPress or Tumblr.


Dionysus never meant to try and save the world; that had been a total accident.
Dragging Apollo along for the ride had been an accident, too.

A modern-day Apollo and Dionysus embark on a road trip to save the world–or, at least, that’s their plan. Buy the novella or read an excerpt here.


A “documentary” of the War of the Three Henrys. Written, directed, and edited by Dakota Collins, starring the good people of Hillwood High School. Watch it here.

In Progress.

Heart of Steel//Heart of Glass, a novel about the trials of a young man trying to fill his father’s shoes as the head of a crime syndicate. Part I Heart of Steel is finished, Part II set for 2018.

Amadeus, another novel, this one following a world renowned assassin and the agent set on taking him down. Coming early 2018.